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Work Anywhere With The Laptop Visor!
New Version Fits Wide Screen Notebooks!

Introducing Laptop Visors, the convenient, portable way to eliminate glare on all of today's notebook and laptop computers. The Laptop Visor laptop shade is the easy, smart way to eliminate "screen washout!"
  • Reduces glare, increases screen visibility and eliminates eyestrain.
  • Privacy issues are eliminated - the commuter's friend - great for trains, planes, waiting rooms and public areas.
  • Protects your valuable laptop screen from bright sunlight and heat.
  • Adjustable, one-size-fits-all, for all notebook and laptop computers with up to 17" diagonal screens, including the new wide screen formats. (fits screens measuring up to 14 and 3/4 inches wide across the top from left to right, 17" diagonally)
  • Easy to attach and remove in less than ten seconds.
  • Radius edges allow comfortable keyboard access.
  • Compact, lightweight design - conveniently folds flat to slip into your briefcase or computer carrying case.
  • Durable high quality construction - The Laptop Visor is the professional's choice for field use.

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Most Orders Are Shipped Within 72 Hours!
laptop visor, laptop shade, laptop sun screen, anti-glare screens, anti glare screens, glare filters



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